International Wire Transfer into Niyo SBM account

Hello Niyo community!
The deal is, I have to accept an international payment in $(USD) from a payment provider via bank wire transfer .
So naturally, first question that comes is if niyo global sbm account offers to receive international wire transfer ?
Second , if yes then where can I find the Swift code associated with my account to accept the payment?
Third , my hope for accepting payment in this sbm account and not my physical Indian bank account is to avoid paying the Foreign currency exchange fee and taxes(like markup fee while paying internationally) , soy question is will I be charged this currency exchange fees and taxes while receiving international bank wire?
Thank you waiting for the answers.

Hey @Ra114one ! Welcome to Niyo Community. We’re happy to have you onboard :airplane:

Kindly note that it’s a digital account with a unique account number and IFSC code. You can load this account via NEFT/IMPS/UPI/Swift. The IFSC code is STCB0000065. You can load funds using an international account through the Swift code STCBINBXNPT. The 8 character Swift code is STCBINBX.

Stay noted that the recipient will not be charged anything, but, the sender will be charged by the third party payment gateway.

If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out again!