International usage feature disabled?

Dear Customer, your international usage feature is currently disabled. To activate, please login to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking App. Thank you. Team IDFC FIRST Bank.

Why am I receiving this? Where should I activate it? I don’t see any option in the Niyo banking app where I can activate this feature?

Hey Hari! As per the records, we see that you have not activated the International transactions feature in the app.

Here’s how you can do it: Login to the app-> Card Settings-> Advanced Card Settings-> Spend Abroad-> Activate-> Enter UPI PIN.

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I enabled international transactions and tried to make an online purchase for $2.96

"Sorry. You have exceeded your daily purchase limit. We cannot allow this transaction. "

What? Is there some kind of a hold “I can’t make international transactions till 24 hours after enabling” or something like that? I haven’t made a single transaction with my debit card at all

I have not been able to activate spend abroad under advanced card settings even after 3 months. Nobody has been able to help. It’s a different error after every update. Now it goes into the continuous UPI SMS loop.


Most of the customers are experiencing one or other issues related with ATM card. Currently I’m facing issues with enabling Tap & Pay feature.
Also many are facing DCMS ERROR 370 With ATM card services.

It’s been more than a month now waiting for a complete solutions.

Hi @Alan_Abraham, I was able to activate tap and pay feature today. Earlier it was giving me new number issued error.

Hi @goneo,

I was also able to enable Tap & Pay feature yesterday. Though didn’t try using it in POS terminals yet.

I am also facing DCMS error:370 while setting international card limit. It’s been over a month since I’m trying to get this issue resolved but no progress. Really frustrating.

Hi @aashi_pundir,

DCMS ERROR 370 is resolved for me just now. Update to the latest version and try it.

I was also facing the DCMS 370 error. To remove it you have to register for netbanking in IDFC site, then order the physical card from the netbanking portal . After that you will be able to change the atm withdrawal and netbanking limits.

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