International Tution fee payment

I am going to Edinburgh, UK for my studies. I like to know if I can pay around 10,10,000 at one go at my University using niyo global forex card.

Hey @Shays! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Please find the transaction limits of Niyo Global by SBM.

₹7.5 Lakhs/day for any payment on a swipe machine
₹7.5 Lakhs/day for any online payments
₹1 Lakh/day for ATM withdrawals
₹5,000/transaction for tap and pay payments on the swipe machines

You need to split your transactions and plan accordingly; like you can pay the first 7.5 lakhs by swiping the card and the remainder online, and vice-versa.


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@Deepak Can you confirm if 7.5 lac limit is per day or per transaction ? It was mentioned couple of times that the limit is per transaction and not per day !!

Hey @goneo! Please consider the transaction limits as shared in this post to be the final ones,i.e., the limits are per day and not per transaction-based.
The previous posts have also been rectified to avoid any confusion in the matter. LK