International Transactions Using Niyo Global Debit Card

It keeps failing when I trying to do International Transaction using Niyo Global by SBM Debit card.

After loading card details it redirected to SBM payment page. I Entered correct OTP which received through SMS. But still it got failed.

Hey @Abdullah_Haris ! We regret the inconvenience. Upon checking, we are unable to find recently declined transaction logs. We’d request you re-try again, The transaction should be successful. In case, any issue persists please provide us a screenshot of the error message that’s showing up so that we can check and assist you further.- WB

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I am able make international transactions using other card like fi.

I was able to purchase few weeks ago, but not now(edit: using Niyo Global)…

I also tried my friends Niyo Global account. Result is same. Looks like something is going on…