International POS payments getting declined

I am having trouble with my Debit Card. Around 8/10 international POS payments are getting declined.
I have all international payments and features enabled in the NiyoX app, but I still get an sms from Equitas Bank saying international payments are not enabled.

When I try to enable it via their Mobile Banking, it says my card is not eligible for international payments.

When I write to their customer care, they say switch it on on your NIYOX app.

I am being transferred from Niyo to Equitas and back to Niyo.

I am in Europe right now so customer care team also cannot call me. But I am having trouble making payments here. I also can’t send screen shots since these are POS payments and not phone payments.

Even my tickets are being closed without any solution. Please fix this on priority.

It has been more than 12 days since I raised this issue.

Ticket Number - 1058523, 1060733, 2110200364368366

Hey Varun! We absolutely understand the urgency of your case and we assure you that we are working on your concern to have this resolved. We will update you as soon as have fixed the issue for you. LK

Hey Varun! As we have checked the card details, your POS international flag does not seem to be enabled. We can see that you had disabled and enabled the spend abroad option but not the POS Swipe Channel. Hence we request you to disable and enable POS Swipe channel and retry once. LK

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