International payments made easy with ZERO forex markup and FLEXI-card locks!✌️

Hey everyone,

Have you been putting off your international travel plans for too long? Wait no more!

Your NiyoX card comes with the convenience of making international payments. And our famous ZERO forex markup makes it easy for you to SAVE BIG each time you spend abroad.

Take charge of your overseas payments with our flexi-card locks. Your card has been upgraded with an enhanced feature to lock/unlock individual payment channels for international payments {POS, Online, ATM Withdrawal, Tap and Pay}. Even better, you can edit the limit for international spending too.

All you need to do is update your NiyoX app to the latest version and the new feature will reflect instantly in your “Card Settings”.

Update your NiyoX app now on the App Store or Play Store

Happy travels!


Team Niyo

Will the zero forex feature only be available till 31 march 2022?
my app says it.
I m traveling on 30th march what is the point of me getting this niyo x account if it

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Yesterday I updated. Found this grand facility. Thanks for this useful upgrade!

Hi @ankurgiri , the zero forex markup will be there even after 31st March 2022. Forex markup is waived off as of now and you won’t be charged forex markup fees for doing international transactions through NiyoX card. We have updated the same in our NiyoX app as well. It will get reflected in a day or two.

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