International payments-2

This is the second time I’m raising this issue after 3-4 months. My issue is unresolved from the bank side as well.
I’m unable to make international payments online through my debit card. I’ve tried it for like 10 times.
The bank contacted me for the same and told me this will get corrected soon but that soon seems very far away.
Please get this done from your side.
My card’s international lock is open too.
Would love to see, getting this thing wrapped up at the earliest.

Hey @Apoorv . Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Let me guide you through some troubleshooting steps here:

  1. Enable International transactions under card locks in NiyoX app.

  2. Kindly connect to Equitas Customer Care at 18001031222 on working days between 9AM to 6PM and inform the customer support agent to enable international transactions to your debit card. Along with this, also write a mail to to enable international transactions to your debit card.

Kindly proceed with these steps and you should be able to perform international transactions via your VISA Platinum debit card.

If you’re still unable to perform international transactions after performing the above mentioned steps, do contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!


This is the mail I get whenever I try to connect with Equitas bank customer service.
And when I last tried to connect with them on call am resolve this same issue they were completely clueless about it. They told me that my international transaction is enabled.
I’m completely helpless now. If the issue persist I’ll be compelled to go back to my Kotak bank account and make it as my primary account again

Hey @Apoorv . Kindly raise a mail to . Try to connect with Equitas Customer care during working hours via toll-free number i.e 18001031222 and inform them to enable international transactions to your debit card. If you still face issues, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


Please read my reply properly.
Even you guys should try to make an international payment in US$ & see the result yourself.
Please tag the product manager

Hey @Apoorv . From your reply, I understand that you’ve mailed to . That’s the reason the email has bounced back to you. Kindly reach out to Equitas Customer care at working hours via toll free number and also raise a mail to informing them to enable international transactions to your debit card and the issue will be resolved at the earliest. If you still face any issues, kindly reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


@Hemant_Tathod @Viren
I’ve complained about the same issue last time also and you assured that my issue will be resolved but still the issue persist. Even after 3 months. The customer service at equitas bank is completely clueless about it.
Whenever I mail them, it bounces back everytime. Tried it multiple times.
What should I do ??

Hi @Apoorv,
Let me look into this for you.Sorry for this hiccup, but we’ll help you right away! :relaxed:


Sure thing.
Please try to initiate any international payment, lets just say in US$ and see the result for yourself.
I had a talk with Equitas Bank earlier and that conversation continued till a week but still my issue was unresolved.
If Niyo takes up this issue, I’m sure something fruitful will come up.

Surely @Apoorv,

We are looking into this for you. Appreciate your patience :slight_smile:

@Bansari my issue stands unresolved !
Please wrap it asap. If it can’t be done speak it out clearly and mention it on your app that you don’t support international payments.
Even the top management of your team failed to resolved the issue(2 people I tagged above), and ran away with a hoax promise of fixing it. I’m totally unsatisfied with the service now ! Do it or speak it loudly that you can’t !

Hi @Apoorv
Hope someone from Equitas Small Finance Bank team got in touch with you and your issue got resolved.

Do write back to us in case of further concerns. We appreciate your forbearance in the same.


Yeah, my issue is resolved !
Got to know that the Equitas bank supports international payment but only in INR and not in any other currency !
I think Niyo should mention it somewhere.

Thankyou !

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We have made a note of your feedback and we will certainly try to ensure that we present the information more transparently.


@Viren @Hemant_Tathod hello. Seems you guys are really slow or it’s just me getting a preferential treatment. FYI my issue still stands unresolved. Probably your promise was a hoax. If you can turn it around and fix the issue, I’ll be glad. Else. After using the niyo as my primary bank for more than 4 months, I’ll abandon it !

Merging the post as the issue stands resolved.

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