International lounge access (Delhi T3)


Sorry for opening another thread on this, but I couldn’t find an answer to my specific question in any of the past discussions.

Is lounge access working for all the lounges indicated in the list? Some customers had posted about facing access issues even after it was announced a few months back that the lounge feature is active.

Specifically, has anyone tried the card at the Plaza lounge for international departures at T-3 in Delhi?


Hi, I have tried at Mumbai T2 terminal domestic departure and it worked.

You should check the VISA lounge list if that lounge is serviced. If you google search you will find the VISA pdf list.

Thanks, Rishikesh, but my question was specifically about that list! I had heard/read that some lounges mentioned in the VISA list were also not accepting the card. Anyway, I flew out of T3 a couple of weeks back, and the card worked fine at the Plaza lounge (international departure). So, generally, this feature seems to be working smoothly now.