International debit card usage

I have written proof from Niyo stating that there would be no transactional problems related with the card!

Beta stage is for the app! If their banking infrastructure is not yet built up , they have no right to give out accounts which have real money .

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Hey Sony! I totally understand your standpoint on the matter. I know that it must be horribly difficult for you to manage without a working card out there in Sweden. Please do not believe for a second that we are ignoring your concerns. We are working round the clock with our partner bank to arrange replacement cards to be sent to you and all other customers who are out there in different countries with problematic cards. It is my personal assurance to you that we will be dispatching the new cards at the earliest to your International address and keep you informed of the same. LK

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Niyo team members,
Your people’s are giving simple excuses with beta app. In that case, you should not be released Niyo sbm global card. It is your major failure. You should have closed this issue within 24hrs of raising complaints. I am also one of the person in the same boat. My Niyo global sbm card was declined for POS/ATM transactions from the day received.

Dear all, My request is please check this card before you traveling to abroad. The Niyo global sbm card is totally mess. I understand your problems facing while stranded in abroad.
I request niyo team to urge on these issues as soon as. It is hard to know how niyo propertor fail to understand this.

@Bansari @Sony_Hussian Would love to see any of the community contributor’s transaction lists with SBM global card. Please post that.