International debit card usage

Did an online international transaction on Tuesday, the currency used was SEK, and the transaction went smooth!
But to my surprise, the amount debited was pretty higher than the amount shown in the currency converter!!!
It’s almost 2.8% higher than the amount shown in currency converter in app!!!
What is this? You clearly say that it is 0% forex mark up fee and charged 2.8%.

When i contacted through email , they say to wait for 3 days!!! Is this a joke? If resolving is not fast in India itself, then what would you guys do if I go abroad and contact you? Will you say wait for a week for simple online transaction resolution?!

This is absurd !

And hey, whoever is reading this, previously niyo and IDFC had a tie up and offered same 0% forex mark up debit card, and they broke up with IDFC and idfc charges 2% forex mark up now,

You know, they did not even intimate me that , the tie up is removed and contact bank for further notice! What would’ve done if i had travelled to abroad with IDFC niyo card!!!

These are just momentary tie ups and please don’t consider these cards as replacements for forex cards! Use these cards after you check forex mark up fee only, today the fee might be 0% and tomorrow they might get seperated and forex fee will be according to Bank!!! Which will be more than 2% atleast!!

Hi @Sony_Hussian

We’re sorry you had this experience, we’ll check this and get back to you with answers soon.


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It’s been 3 days since I transacted and I have emailed on the same day about this.

A simple online transaction is not resolved yet!

What to do?, i saw a thread in Niyo community and it is replied by a moderator as well as Niyo executive, and it says “ even though the app is in beta stage, transaction problems will not be there “. Hey! I came across a transaction problem now, what to do now?!

Hey @Ranjith since it’s an indian card will GST or any other type of charge be deducted for doing any kind of transaction in USA- POS, Ecommerce, Online payment etc.???
Also could you NAME all the possible charges that could be levied while doing any kind of transaction using this Niyo card or account in USA ???

Hi @Harshal_Shinde ,

Its a 0 forex card and there are no hidden charges to the same for POS and ECOM transactions; for International ATMs: ₹100 per transaction + GST, additionally, acquiring bank’s ATM also charges a fee.


thank you @Bansari for the response.

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See today again I did a online transaction, and I was charged again 3.7% more than what the app currency converter is showing.

My previous transaction is still not resolved and now again the same thing today!!

This is fraudd. if I don’t get right away my refunds of differential amount for both the transactions. I’ll file a complaint.

Hey @Sony_Hussian ! Sorry for the delayed response. We’re aware of the issue, and are currently fixing it as we speak. Kindly allow us some time until we resolve the same. Stay noted that necessary actions will be taken once the issue is fixed.


Hey @Sony_Hussian did you pay in inr or some international currency ??
If you paid in some international currency then it shouldn’t have happened.
Do let me know as and when they provide you a solution as i will be flying to US and is now skeptical about using this card…

Paid in Sek bro, still i was charged too much!!!

Now I’m in sweden, and I am unable to do transactions!!! These many problems and still they released this product , now i am suffering, now tell me @Ranjith @ashrithjain what should I do now?!

I’m stranded here! With no help

You’re unable to do transactions? You can’t withdraw money from ATMs?

Yep, @Tavneet97 unable to do anything, and now when i emailed them they replied by saying some sbm niyo cards are not working!!!

Now , people who took those cards are suffering.

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Apologies for the inconvenience .We will have your issue resolved with in 48 hrs.

See, right now I’m in a railway station stranded, unable to do anything!

Your sorry will not help me. Please solve the problem right away . @ashrithjain @Bansari @tv1

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Hey @Sony_Hussian ! We only see one major transaction where-in markup was charged. The same has been refunded back to your account. We will ensure that you’ll never face the same experience again.

Feel free to reach out to us if you do need further assistance!


@ashrithjain @Ranjith @tv1
The 1st was a mistake by you guys! And you have sent me the refund. Now I’m in sweden with Nibo sbm card, unable to do any transactions!!!

Can’t buy anything ! Always shows transaction declined! Please help me here! I’m not in india , I’m in abroad

Same with me in russia.

Hey @ashrithjain @Bansari @Ranjith @tv1 , why are you still no providing us with replacement card, if the card has manufacturing defect? This is Niyo fault!! Why are you not rectifying your mistake?

Why make us suffer? We are in abroad unable to do transactions! Why are you not helping us?

Are you waiting for more people to join this thread? And take lawful action against you? Is that what you want?

Playing with customers/students is not good on your part

Still not resolved !!!
@ashrithjain @Bansari @Ranjith @tv1
I’m still unable to do pos transactions in sweden , and it’s you guys fault!!! Gave me a damaged chip card , that’s what your team told me! There are many people who have the same problem!

You guys are cheating students,

Send me a replacement card to my abroad address or else I’m gonna file a case in RBI consumer form.

This is my final and last warning.

My ticket number is 998619.

Bro. Calm dowm. I can understand what are you suffering from.

But they clearly told about SBM card that it is still in beta phase and please don’t rely on this card alone for your international trip.

I somehow feel its a negligence on your part that you relied on this card alone.

You should have paid attention on there disclaimer and arranged for a backup card as well.

I know what it feel like to stuck outside country.