Interest Calculator, Cheque Book

Hey Team,

First of all, great support team - Amazing community - Great App - I just wish these basic things stay forever even when the company grows and I love the fact that from CEO to Intern in the organization listen to the customers and bring updates accordingly.

I was hoping if there is an option to see the interest calculated for each day? Maybe can you show me an example - Say I added ₹50,000 on July 1 and kept on adding $5,000 everyday. How is the interest calculated? (A working example) Say from July to September end I am depositing everyday. Considering I get quarterly interest credited to my account.

Cheque Book - It would be great if a cheque book can be delivered to our home address. I know it requires a signature - You can send associates to our address like you send for KYC and give them tabs from which we can sign it on the tab for banking purposes or a form can be sent from the bank and we can sign the same and give it to the associate. I am hoping this gets resolved soon and we can take advantage of online process and save lots of time instead of visiting a branch which is quite far from our home.

Looking forward for more updates in Mutual Funds section.

Hi Punith,

You’ve really made our Monday feel bright with your awesome encouraging feedback. It’s definitely going to stay forever! :smiley:

Why don’t you check out our interest rate calculator on this page:
Let us know if this helps?

About the chequebook, we are trying to work out a digital solution with our partner bank to issue the chequebook via the app. This is some time away as it also involves signature upload, but we’re trying to expedite it.

Some interesting features are on the way in our Mutual Funds section, stay tuned.

Hope this helps.

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Wow - I am excited about new features in Mutual Funds.

On the Interest Calculator - I did check out that link, but it’s basically showing me an amount if I invest 1L, 2L, 3L. But I was actually looking forward to know how is it calculated on a daily basis? How is it accumulated for over a period? Maybe an example like I said in the earlier comment will help to know how do you get to that figure or sum of amount to credit to an account.

I had an idea for your team - Every working professional has a PF account and mostly no one has a track about the funds in the account. Nor how to transfer when changing organizations or when to withdraw? How is the Interest rate added in that? Tax benefits? Why not there can be a place where a person can check his PF Balance with the UAN.

Mutual funds are sorted now in one place - The same way why not PF balance at one place. Just my thoughts.

I feel a part or NiyoX with the customer support and community.