Integrated UPI in the Niyox app missing

Why is UPI not integrated into the app. It would be very useful to be able to do UPI transactions (send and receive) from the app. Especially when all other neobanks offer this functionality, sad to see Niyox missing this feature.

Hi @Pradeep_Kumar5,

Thanks for taking time to provide us with your valuable feedback. Our team is constantly working on your feedback to give you the best banking platform and the smoothest user interface. Your experience matters to us!



You can access your bank upi through other payment apps don’t need to worry about that

Hahaha… What a joke… If I have to use other app. Why will I install NiyoX.

I am not so dumb to not know that I can use UPI from other app.

You better try using other apps to know what functionality they are offering which is far better than NiyoX.

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