In-person KYC for my new Niyo IDFC First Savings Account

After being in the waitlist for a while, I got my savings account opened. I received a Niyo IDFC First Debit card as well, and was able to activate UPI too.

Considering the “higher interest” rate benefit is only available to amounts greater than 1 lakh and prior to doing the KYC the limit is 1 lakh, I would like to do the KYC as soon as possible.

There is a IDFC First Bank near where I live. Can I go there and do my KYC, or does a representative have to come home to get this done? Can I just walk in to the IDFC First Bank, or is my account somehow different because it’s associated with Niyo and I can’t just walk in and get my KYC done?

If not, any idea how long before a representative will be available to come to my place?


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Hey Harisundara! Welcome to the Niyo Community! Please rest assured, for an amount less than 1 lakh, you still get up to 6% interest. We would like to inform you though that you cannot get the biometrics completed by visiting the branch, it can only be done by the representative who will be visiting you. We will ensure that your biometrics is completed at the soonest. ∞LK

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