IMPS transaction of 5000 rs *NOT* credited *TO* my Niyo bank account

Hello, I transferred amount of 5000 rs by IMPS from my HDFC bank account to Niyo account on 14th May 2022 at 2:53 am (IST). The money got deducted from HDFC bank but not credited in my Niyo account yet. I have raised the ticket. The ticket id is 1286521. My transaction reference number is : 213402325176. Please please look into this matter ASAP because I need this money for travel in few hours.

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Hey @Ashutosh1 ! We regret the inconvenience. Allow us to have this checked and get back to you with an update.- WB

Hey @Ashutosh1! We believe that your funds have been reversed to your source account. The reason for the unsuccessful transaction can be server/network connectivity issues. You may try transferring the funds now. We are closing your ticket 1286521. For any help, reach out to our live chat support and we are happy to help you.