IMPS Transaction Failed from NIYO to Another Bank

Transferred money last night from NiyoX app to a beneficiary account. Transaction was errored out but the money got deducted from the source.
When can I expect the amount to be refunded?
Ticket: 1328191

Hey @manas8n! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Regret the inconvenience! If the funds are not yet credited to the beneficiary, they will be refunded to your NiyoX account within 48hrs. We kindly request you to please wait until then. Rest assured, your funds will be safer.


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Transaction has not been reversed yet. Does the IMPS transaction get reversed during backing hours or after banking hours too?

@manas8n Usually, the refunds will be processed during banking hours. However, there are chances that you may receive it after bank hours if it’s processed from the bank side.

Hi @Deepak,
It has been more than 40 hours and it’s after banking hours now. I doubt whether the transaction will get reversed back now.
Is it possible for you to escalate the Ticket: 1328191 so that the payment does not get delayed further?


Hi @manas8n, we’ll escalate this to the bank and follow up with them on a priority basis to help you with your transaction issue. Kindly request you to allow us some time till tomorrow end of the day.


@Deepak received the amount

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Bro, Can you kindly tell me how much we can transfer to non-added beneficiary per day.

@Shikhar_Singh1 20k is limit for non added payee

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