Important Announcement: Revised NiyoX Card Fee

Hey all,

We hope you all availed of our limited-time offer of a FREE NiyoX card until now.

The NiyoX International VISA Platinum Debit Card charges are revised w.e.f. 1st September 2022. The charges for a new debit card order, reorder, and renewal will be revised to ₹199 + GST (₹234.82).

This fee would be charged when you order a new card or reorder a lost or stolen card, and for renewal every 12 months thereafter.

You may continue enjoying the perks of your NiyoX high-interest account like always. We assure you of our best digital banking services with new benefits coming your way very soon.


Team Niyo

Very bad move :frowning: The card has no lounge benifits or enjoys any Platinum Card Offers like other PSUs or Private Banks.

Do we still get a refund on the ₹199+GST after maintaining MAB? (Like I am supposed to receive on the previous ₹150+GST)

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Hey @debosmit! For users, who are ordering the card (new card/replacement card) from the 1st of September, an issuance fee of Rs. 234.82 will be charged going forward, and from the second year, Rs.234.82 as an annual maintenance fee, and there is no more reimbursement for it. The MAB criteria have been stopped now.

If you have been charged a debit card annual maintenance fee before the 1st of September, we’ll reimburse the fee if you have maintained a MAB of Rs.1000 for at least a month.


Thank You for confirming, could you please let the product team know to update the same in the FAQ section of the app.

The MAB refund T&C is missing after the latest update. It was there with the older T&C

Is the issuance fee refundable(on maintaining MAB) as well?

Hi @NayaX, the card issuance fee is not refundable w.e.f 1st September 2022. If anyone has ordered the card on or after 1st September 2022, he/she will be charged the issuance fees.

Very bad about charges also do your job in customer support for that card

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I think it’s a very bad move as this platinum card does not provides some popular offers like flat 100 discount on Swiggy , Zomato or some popular subscriptions like amazon prime…Where fi money cards and other PSU, Private banks provides this offer on their Visa platinum cards…

I have attached the offer pic also here thinking team will consider it

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I was charged annual maintainence in august how I can get the refund of it

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Hey @Shivprakash! We see that you’ve been charged the annual maintenance fee of Rs.115.18 on the 25th of August. The annual maintenance charge (AMC) for you is Rs.177. We’d request you add the remaining balance i.e Rs.61.82 to your NiyoX account. Once the complete amount for AMC gets debited, and if you have maintained an average monthly account balance of Rs.1000 or more for at least a month from the time you have ordered the card, you will receive the AMC reimbursement by the end of the next month on which the remaining AMC gets debited from the account.


When will the 12 month renewal fee be charged next year? 12 months from the date of account opening?
How to close or cancel the card?

Hey @billubakra! The annual maintenance fee will be charged after 12 months from the time you’ve ordered the physical debit card. If you wish to cancel the card, you have to block it through the NiyoX app under the Card Settings option. For further help, you may reach out to our Live Chat Support.


After blocking no deduction of amc?

Why you guys are charging card fees and why it is having no reversal other big bank do reversal then why you don’t and why to put this charges isnt it a bad change for you and anyone who want to have a new account or old account maintain with you

Hey @Deepeshjain! Welcome to Niyo Community!

In the past, we’ve offered the debit card with no charges for the first year. Also, we reimbursed the annual maintenance charges on the debit card in the past. Currently, with the revised policy, we have stopped doing that. However, your feedback on this will be shared with our team.


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