I'm not able to open Niyo IDFC savings account


Niyo IDFC app showing error since last 4-5 days, when you guys gonna fix it? I’m not able to open my account. When you guys start onboarding new customers?

Please fix it ASAP!

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I am also getting same message. Does anyone know when will the registration start again?

Hi, we’re running a standard maintenance activity and are not going to onboard new customers on Niyo IDFC as of now. We regret the inconvenience this may cause. LK

Bhai ap log kismat wale ho jo account nahi khul raha, agar khul jata to 10000 atak jata, 5 mahine se log ro rahe h


dont you guys have any new info to share? I can read your answer on my posted screenshot as well… How many more days will your “standard maintenance activity” take?

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Can you please tell me why you are saying that?

My Acc showing all debits are disallowed for this account…my money stucked…& Niyo team not solving the problem…worst banking services ever experienced

It’s not called maintenance. Actually the whole team is enjoying at Goa beach and let they arranged a BOT to reply to customer. And let customer bothered.
There app is not working since months and there whatsapp support is like they hired 8-10th fail backbenchers they they called themselves banker’s.
Many are facing amount stuck while opening account and many are not able to transect. And they promised to offer hassle free branch less service in India. I think they offered the same too but only for a month or 2 then they show there reality.
As a banking application/platform you can’t take more then a day for maintenance activities we’ve given you months and you’re developer’s can’t able to find resolve the issue.
This is not called neo banking experience. I hope you’re license will be terminated.
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Hey Rohit! We don’t have any confirmation on when we will be able to resume on-boarding for new customers. Currently, the on-boarding is completely stopped for any fresh registrations. LK

What a joke!
Never seen such a non sense reply.
Tell to your bosses at Niyo, to close their company, you all are liers.

Look at Paytm you all loafers at niyo , their service is world class and customers service is really good. I were considering Niyo because of its international debit card and interest rate, but after seeing the pathetic experience of users here. Thank God, due to your so called maintainence I did not registered.


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