If you could invest the spare change every time you spent on something, where would you invest it (can pick only one)? Also would love to hear why in the comments. 💰

  • Savings account / liquid mutual funds (safe but low returns) :nerd_face:
  • Equity Mutual Funds (eg Nifty Index Fund) :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • US Equity Index Fund (eg S&P 500 Index Fund) :world_map:
  • Gold :medal_sports:
  • Bitcoin :money_mouth_face:
  • Nifty Options :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • A lottery (high risk, high reward) :slot_machine:

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Bitcoin :money_mouth_face:
Because I don’t mind experimenting with the extra money that I am investing.


Gold is gold :slight_smile:


In liquid funds. This way I can keep accumulating change and get better returns on them compared to a typical salary/savings account. Also, if I ever do need the money, it can be redeemed easily and quickly.

In the current scenario with fund returns being slightly low, I may even consider the IDFC savings account because they also offer good returns with a lot of liquidity.


I would choose Nifty Options with very short maturity period. Since these are spare change so it would feel fine on losing a bit. Since short maturity period Nifty Options kind of have a very small premium price, the chances of loss in value is less & gain is quite high!! :rocket: :money_with_wings:


I will go for bitcon because i want to try it as i never invested in it. :slight_smile:


Mutual funds is what I’d rather go with, but chose Bitcoin as that would be fanciful. I’m still not sure what is the status of Bitcoin in our country? Is it something that’s legit and doable? Or is it possible only with work around?

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Currently regulation allows it because of a court order but yes, the rules around it aren’t very well established. :confused:

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For eg: If I wanted to dabble in Bitcoin, is there a resource that breaks it down to me to the basics? Or is it something that needs to be figured across multiple channels? Because for some reason, it’s always been complicated to me

Sure, let us see if we can do a session for Niyo community users or even a blog. Thanks for the suggestion!

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This would be great to come by. “Demystifying Bitcoin for end users”

Thank you for receiving the feedback :+1:

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