If I have a Niyo Forex Card, how to start using DECB Remit?

I want to send money from my Niyo card to international accounts (outward remittance), and the Niyo app tells me that I can do it via DCBRemit. When I go to DCB remit, it asks me to either create a new account or login from my existing account. FOr the 2nd option, it asks me to login using my email/ and customer id. I don’t have any DCB customer id (atleast Niyo hasn’t provided it to me). WHat should I do?

Hey there! Please note that the International transfer need not happen using a DCB Niyo card. User needs to use any of his/her savings accounts to initiate the transfer. Following are the steps which user needs to do for making a successful transfer in DCB Remit portal:

Booking Transfer
Choosing currency to transfer to & enter an amount to be transferred
Select Payee: Select payee details to whom the amount needs to be transferred. Add a payee in case of a new payee.
Select Source Bank: Select any of your own savings account(Niyo DCB Global card can not be used) to transfer the amount. Add a source bank account to add a new source account.
Confirm Booking: Agree to remittance declaration and confirm the booking.
Deposit Amount: On booking a transfer successfully, RRN(Remit Ref. no.) is generated along with DCB Remit pool account details where the user needs to transfer the equivalent INR amount within the valid time period using NEFT/RTGS.
DCB remit transfers to Payee: Once the user transfers equivalent INR amount to DCB Remit. DCB Remit transfers it to Payee’s account by T+1 day. LK