IDFC First Bank Credit Card Launched in Four Variants

Niyo customers can get this as well? If so, what is the procedure?

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I guess Yes, I got a call from IDFC that they will upate about application as soon as they launch it for customers.

@Nirmal.Andy Got a random call or Did you register for Notify when available

At present it is being offered to selected customers on pre-approval basis. By end of February IDFC will launch it for everyone.
IMO usual process will apply for approval i.e your current relationship value with bank and/or your credit worthiness.

For getting the credit card, we need to check the same with the idfc bank as niyo doesn’t provide credit cards.

Still awaiting for an official response from Niyo!

Hey @Alan_Abraham ! We request you to please contact IDFC FIRST bank directly for any further information regarding the new credit card launched. SR

I was trying to apply for it thru IDFC Bank website, then got a call. Btw, i already got my card delivered.IMG_20210122_114246|690x460

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Niyo account ke liye available hai kya

Hey @GANESH485, the credit cards are launched exclusively for IDFC FIRST Bank and not Niyo. We request you to please contact the bank directly to get the card. SR

For Niyo Account not have a credit card ?

Sorry @GANESH485, we do not have any credit card offerings right now. SR

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