IDFC Bank offers query


I got following email from IDFC First Bank today.

Could you please clarify,

The offers IDFC bank directly sending to Niyo IDFC First Bank customers is applicable for Niyo IDFC account holders?

Or only offers sending by Niyo is applicable for Niyo IDFC First Bank customers?

Mail attached below :point_down:

I received the same email and would like to know if the zero balance account would be zero for life or until 30 September 2020?

i got the same email. they said it will be 0 MAB account if opened before sept 1.

Hey Alan! As we are partnered with IDFC FIRST Bank, the promotions of the parent bank will be received to you. However, the offers pertain to Niyo will be displayed in the offers section of the Niyo app.

Hi @Niyo_Moderator,

Which means emails / SMS receiving directly from IDFC bank is not applicable for Niyo customers?

Niyo customer will get offers whatever sending by Niyo only?

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