IDFC Bank 7.25% FD versus Niyo IDFC 7% Savings

What is your opinion on IDFC bank FD offering 7.25% versus letting your savings account earn 7% sitting in Niyo IDFC?

I opted for Niyo IDFC and also created a web login for IDFC bank. The benefit is see with FD in IDFC bank is (I don’t think Niyo IDFC has FD Option) is

  1. you get to lock in 7.25% for a as long as you want, perhaps an FD of 10 years assuming that rates of interest won’t stay the same and will likely fall over time. However, if you need money sooner than the FD tenure, you pay 1% penalty.

  2. The biggest and probably realistic downside with Niyo IDFC is that 7% savings interest rate would not stay the same for times to come.

So what is the general consensus on this forum?