Idea about digital Passbook

It’s My personal view " NiyoX " can ignore it or can take benifit of it .

  • For many government / private sector we need to provide Passbook so

NiyoX can implement it by giving user details along with photo ( can fetch from KYC) ,
its just need one more effort to create Passbook from Bank statement by adding AADHAAR photo there and you can mention " digital Passbook don’t need signature"

  • UPI integration in App , you can collaborate with Paytm as their UPI success rate is on top and they don’t have any partnership for UPI so it’ll be cheaper for Niyox too

  • Earning matters alot so you can give facilities to recharge and bill payment this way
    You & customer both will earn as recharge service gives comission on transaction

  • Translation through IMPS/NEFT/More here we need OTP each time so you can change it if translation is less than “₹ XX” there need to enter PIN only ( OTP over email only) and if customer transfer more than “ ₹ XX ” then they need to enter OTP.

  • Each transaction customer get 2 SMS along with 1 email so you can give operation to pause SMS notification .

Hi @Roshan ,

Thank you for leaving us this review. We highly believe that feedback from our users is the best way to keep improving our services, we are working on making Niyo even better in the future.


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