I was trying to open a new account in niyox app, I am a degree pursuing student our internshipmanager said to enter your parents pan no and create the ac but by mistake I entered my pan no,i wish I could find a way to reset the pan no and enter my parents

Help me to reset the pan no

Hello @Lathish! Welcome to Niyo Community.

Thank you for your time on the call. We have forwarded your request to our team. Rest assured, we’ll get back to you with an update as soon as possible.-WB

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Hello @Wasim_Al_Basha sir, any updates…

Hello @Lathish - We’re yet to receive an update from our team. Kindly wait till Monday EOD. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. -WB

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Hello @Wasim_Al_Basha any updates sir… still how much time does it takes sir?

Hello @Lathish! We apologize for the delayed response and the inconvenience caused. There is a dependency on other teams and we are actively following up on the update. We request you to please wait! Once we have an update, we will proactively keep you posted. - WB

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Hello @Wasim_Al_Basha, it’s been almost 17days sir…yet there is no updates from your side please fast up your process and get me notified something…thank you

Hello Lathish! We apologize for the delayed response. Please be informed that, this issue is resolved. Please re-try again entering the correct PAN NUMBER. You should be able to proceed further. -WB