I want to close my account. Pl help me to close

My acnount i want to close but not close till now pl help

Hi @Prakash_Sharma,

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It hurts to see you end this relationship. :pleading_face: We would like to know what went wrong from our end :frowning: We are to make things right for you.


Hi pl help me close my Account i didnt receive any link and no proper service just hate it. I feel my proof at risk, is this even proper bank . Its been 3 times I applied and still didnt receive the link to proceed to close the acnt

@Prakash_Sharma ,
It breaks our heart to see you go, I believe the answer to your queries could be here: Account closure of niyox

Would love to serve you in future.

I felt the same thing. I have applied for an account closure atleast 3 times but the bank Isn’t willing to help. In every communication, they say that we will provide you with the Video call link but never received that. I used to love the NIYO at the time of IDFC. I hope this upcoming partnership with SBM proves to be customer friendly.