I want to change my Indian number to my USA number in Niyo SBM, how do i go about it?

Want to change my phone number in NIYO SBM app, how do i do it?
Also what ATMs can i use for 0% fee withdrawal?

Hi @Sahil_Suryavanshi ,

(1/2) As of now we cannot change your mobile number in Niyo SBM.
(2/2) Here are the charges of ATM Withdrawals:
International ATMs: ₹100 per transaction + GST
Domestic ATMs: SBM ATMs: Financial & Non-Financial Transactions: Free & Unlimited
Other bank ATMs: Financial & Non-Financial Transactions: 5 Free transactions per month (₹20 per transaction for any additional transactions)


I have my card but cannot set its ATM pin as my Indian number doesn’t work in the US and it needs a OTP which comes on the mobile number. Can you suggest an alternative way to setting my ATM pin?
Also what’s the difference between International ATM’s and other ATM’s? Are there any SBM atm’s in New jersey?


We are working on the process to get the OTPs on your registered email ID. We shall update you here soon.


Thank you so much, can you give me an approximate timeline though? I really have to start using the card!

Hi @Sahil_Suryavanshi,

We do apologies. We can’t give a set timeframe, but our team will come just as soon as there’s an update.


Hey any update on otp verification for setting ATM pin on email or change of phone number on the app?

@Sahil_Suryavanshi ,

We are working on it :slight_smile: We shall spill the beans soon.


Hi @Bansari any updates on this I am having the same problem as @Sahil_Suryavanshi !!

Hey @Mohammad_Tabrez! Welcome to Niyo Community!

As of now, there is no update on it. This will take some more time. We’ll announce it here. Stay tuned. Stay safe :slightly_smiling_face:


This is really sad. You should at least allow us either to change registered mobile number or send otp through register email. I lost my app access because of this and now what should I do?

Hey @mohith_boppana! We understand your concern and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The above enhancements are in pipeline and our team is working to facilitate our users. However, it’s taking a longer time than expected. :slightly_frowning_face: