I want the Niyo Global Card by 5th May

Hi team, is there any way to expedite the delivery of the Global Card. I am leaving by 5th May. I ordered the card on 1st May and the app shows delivery by 9th. I would have ordered earlier but I discovered this on 1st May itself. I have had horrible experience with HDFC bank forex card, I really need a solution here. Thankyou.

Hey @Chhavi_Uboweja! Welcome on board and welcome to Niyo Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

We understand your urgency and wish we could’ve helped you here. Usually, it takes up to 7-14 days to get the card delivered. It may not be possible for us to get your card delivered before the 5th of May as it’s short notice. Alternatively, you may ask any of your family members to collect it and make the necessary arrangements to dispatch the card abroad.