I transferred ₹5000 to Niyo Global SBM account via IMPS. But the balance is showing ₹0. I have downloaded the SBM bank and it is also showing 0 balance. Please solve this issue ASAP. I have already raised the ticket. Ticket number is #1092083

Hey @sandeep_m! Regret the inconvenience. :slightly_frowning_face:

This is something unusual. The issue has been escalated to the bank and is being followed up on a priority basis to fix it. In case, if the funds are not yet credited, they will be refunded to the source account within 3-5 business days.


Thanks, Deepak! The problem is solved. Money is credited to my account. Now I have again sent Rs.5000/- to my Niyo SBM account and it is credited after a few hours. It would be better if the money is credited faster.


You are most welcome @sandeep_m! The credit will happen as early as possible. However, we are working with the bank to minimize such transaction issues for a better user experience.


Hello, I have just downloaded the app, can someone tell me if I can add money to this card while being onforiegn soil if we can then what will be the chagres or it will be free? And yeah how many time and amount we can withdraw in aforeign country?

Ya. You can transfer. There will be not charges for POS. But there will charges for ATM withdrawal i.e, 3 dollars for every withdrawal.

Hey @Logical_Musaafir! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll be able to load your Niyo SBM account with INR while you are abroad and there are no charges for it. And while you transact abroad, all your transactions will be processed based on the live Visa Exchange rate.

The transaction limits are as follows:

ATM - Per Txn and Per Day Limit - 100000, Monthly Limit - 300000, Annual Limit - 750000
POS - Per Txn and Per Day Limit - 750000, Monthly Limit - 5000000, Annual Limit - 20000000
ECOM - Per Txn and Per Day Limit - 750000, Monthly Limit - 5000000, Annual Limit - 20000000

For International ATM withdrawal and balance inquiry, you’d be charged ₹100 + GST. This is in addition to the ATM charges that any bank can charge you while using their ATM.


The transferred amount is not reflected on my account. Please help.

Hey @Sharad_Roy! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We’ve tried to connect with you on your registered number. But unfortunately, we couldn’t get through. We’d like to know if you’ve received the funds to your account or not. If you haven’t received it yet, please Message us the transaction details and we’ll investigate it further.


Hi, I actually received the amount. Although it took around 6-8 hours. For now, I am using UPI method to transfer to SBM account as it is fast.


Thanks for confirming @Sharad_Roy! The delay in the transaction might be due to a network or a maintenance activity and we are sorry about it. For any further support, reach out to our 24/7 live chat support through the app. Rest assured, our team will assist you.


Same thing happened with me yesterday(08.05.22) at 11.10pm.
This is Prantik Ghosh. My ticket number is #1280615.
I have raised a complaint this morning regarding money transfer issue.
Pl. find the attached screenshots as a proof of payment.
Please help me out in getting this resolved ASAP.

Hey @PRANTIK_GHOSH! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Regret the inconvenience! We’ve already escalated this for further investigation and are following up with the bank. Rest assured, we’ll reach out to you on your ticket as soon as we receive an update from the bank.


I am Kaushik Golithadka. I loaded 5,000 INR into the account, and my account statement says it has a balance of 8,800.but on the savings balance it still shows 3800

Ticket ID #niyo-global-by-sbm #1336857.

Hey @KAUSHIK_GOLITHADKA! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The balance update on the Niyo SBM app has been resolved. You should be able to view the updated balance in your app and you should be able to make transactions too.

We are once again sorry for the hassle that you’ve been through. Rest assured, we are working closely with the bank to avoid such instances in the future.


I also facing same issue as mentioned above.
I deposited intial amount 5000 and that amount automatically credited and balance is showing zero balance.