I need niyox toll free number to talk to your executive

I want to know is it compulsory to order physical debit card or optional, can I continue with virtual debit card for lifetime.

Also is there any annual transaction limit of debit or credit amount in niyox zero balance account.
Are sms alerts free or chargeable.
Please Revert

Hello @Yogesh_Punjabi! Welcome to Niyo Community.

(1) It is not compulsory to order a Physical Debit card. However, the Virtual card will be validity is of 1 year. Your physical debit card will not be automatically dispatched, instead, please complete your full KYC and order a debit card whenever you wish.

(2) Click on this link What are transaction limits on the NiyoX Debit Cards? to read the complete information.

(3) SMS Alerts - Free as of now. There are no charges. -WB

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