I need loan from my niyos account

I need loan… please help me…

मुझे ₹200000 का लोन चाहिए


Hey @Sanjay_Sharma3 @REAL_VIRUS_GAMING! Currently, we do not have a loan facility.


Hi @Sanjay_Sharma3 and @REAL_VIRUS_GAMING. Thanks for your inputs. We don’t have loans on the app yet but we’ve taken your feedback and will relay it to the relevant team. :slight_smile:

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Mujhe 10000hazar ka loan chaiye

Niyo has multiple services but currently it doesn’t offer any loan .

  1. You can use intrest free money upto 50 days* withdraw from your existing credit card** .

  2. You can use some PayLater which is also free for 30 days .

  3. You can apply for loan online*** but before apply check everything . It might impose heavy hidden fees depends on companies .( Available in Google Pay business categories)

  • 50 days may very accordingly user credit card company . If you’ve clear due then you can get this profit.

** Please consider user credit card limit .

*** There are many app available on Play Store/ app store but most are just taking upto 10% charge in 1 month as have heavy hidden fees , processing fee, subscription blah blah …

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Hey @Chotu_Thakur! Currently, we don’t have loans services on the app yet. If we start it in the future, we’ll be communicating that to you.


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