I feel like people are getting scammed here

I recently created account with niyox. I am receiving various promotional messages on my phone like deposit amount > 25k to win a scratch card. When I do I dont receive anything. When asked to customer care one says I will get in sometime the other one says I am not eligible at all.

Look how messed up their support is. I really doubt if my money is gonna be safe with them. There is no one liable here. Their support is pathetic all I get is some templated responses

I was about to load that much amount in my account too, thanks for posting your experience.

ikr, now i don’t who can help me with this like, because their chat support is pathetic all they do is spam predefined messages. They don’t even bother to answer. Can someone here, tell me the reason like why random messages are being sent to customers if they are not eligible.

One says refresh the app after and the other one says i am not. So who’s gonna take responsible huh. I really doubt if my deposits are safe with you guys

Hi @Abid_Hussain

Your concern has been highlighted with the team. Request your patience while we get this checked for you. Rest assured! we will get back to you with a solution.


Just now after loading 25k, I immediately got the scratch card and eaned 118rs reward.
My condolences OP. I hope NiyoX team will help you resolve the issue.

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