I don’t receive OTP to track EPF

I have tried nth time to track my EPF but I never receive OTP.

I tried with Umang, and instantly get OTP but with NiyoX I don’t even get late OTPs. I receive no text at all.

Hey @MinikaDas! Thanks for bringing this to us. This has been highlighted to our team for further investigation. We kindly request you to allow us some time and we’ll try to have this fixed.


Hey @MinikaDas! Our team has confirmed that the issue has been fixed. You should be able to receive the OTP while you are trying to track EPF through the NiyoX app. We kindly request you to retry and check.


Hey @Deepak

I checked. I still don’t get any OTPs for EPF.

@MinikaDas This shouldn’t have happened. We are having this investigated again. Kindly allow us some more time.


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