I am getting this error

I have signed up for Niyo Global Sbm card a few days ago after filling all the details and recieving my Credit Details i suppose my KYC was completed as I Had received my correct details of bank accounts. But i was stuck on the following page in the application. And am not able to make an account

Hi @Saumya_Bahuguna

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Sit back & Relax! This has been highlighted with the team. Rest assured! we will resolve this at the earliest. :innocent:


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Hello Sir,

I have been stuck on the same issue since 6 days, and the issue hasn’t been resolved yet to reach your team it took 3-4 emails and 2 phone calls. It would all be fine, keeping in mind you are in beta testing and a startup, if issue was resolved by now. As I have mentioned I have to travel soon and this card will be of no use if this issue takes more time. Therefore, I request you to resolve the issue soon.

Hi @Saumya_Bahuguna

We understand it’s been bit of a bumpy ride for you. Rest assured! Our team is working on it. We will resolve this at the earliest.


Hello Sir,
Thank you for your response, I got an Emial stating that my issue has been resolved and I can login now if not accessible I can try 3 hours later which I did and I am still trying but I face the same issue can you please look into it.

Message for all Niyo Global by SBM Beta users who are trying to onboard - Please don’t try onboarding from between 11:00 pm to 4:00 AM (IST), as the account creation process might fail.

If you continue facing issues, please drop us a mail at onb-global@goniyo.com.


Hello sir,

I am still facing the issue, I have emailed to the given email address please look into this issue as sson as possible. Thankyou

Hello sir @ashrithjain @Ranjith

I am still facing this issue, Can it be resolved please.


The issue still persists.


Saumya Bahuguna

Hey @Saumya_Bahuguna ! Sorry for the delayed response. I’ll get it escalated for you.