I am facing difficulties in creating account

Actually I was trying to create my spouse account on NIYOX but after entering all details like PAN and aadhar it showed that account is not possible digitally.
A months ago i created my account and now this… Kindly help to open the account by providing video KYC.

Hey @Brij_Bhushan! Regret the inconvenience. For any user who gets the above error message while onboarding for NiyoX, we are sorry to inform you that currently, we cannot proceed further and open an account. This is due to the service restrictions.


@Deepak but I have created my account a month ago then why it is not possible for the same pin code for my friend?

@Brij_Bhushan I understand your concern and am sorry to inform you that, under unforeseen circumstances, we are forced to restrict our services in certain regions and it may take some more time for us to restart our services in your region.

@Deepak ok, so account creation is stopped for everybody or only for some areas,
and how would i know that it has been restarted in my area?
will i get any notification? Because I have entered all details.

@Brij_Bhushan the service has been restricted only for certain regions and we aren’t sure when it will be resumed. On receiving further updates, we’ll notify you from our end.

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