I already holding idfc first bank 25k mab Savin account

Hello I’m already holding idfc first bank 25k mab saving account. I downloaded niyo app and tried registered via my idfc registered number here i got this

My concern is that is I’m eligible for niyo account opening?

Coz when i clicked on proceed it redirected to card dispatch address confirm

Please let me know that I’ll be getting different account number?? And also zero bal account? Coz at app start it was showing 10k mab @apekshaatal please help

I’m not gonna use niyo upi anytime soon.

Thanks in advance

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Hey Bunty! Please note that it wouldn’t be possible to have another account associated with the same number. Also, all accounts opened from Sept 1st and onwards will have to maintain 10k as MAB. LK

When i clicked next I’m able to generate the card and all

Please confirm that can i hold niyo idfc with different account number?

As I’m already idfc 25k mab account

Bunty, please share with us the screenshot post clicking on proceed so that we can have a check on the same and revert you back on the query.

Account already opened without any initial deposit required :slight_smile:
With idfc account information

So this is zero bal account right?

The card is in processing stage and once complete I’ll have to go for upi

Should i do upi setup in niyo app only?

Yes Bunty, It’s a Zero Balance account, once the processing is complete you can go for UPI setup!! AK

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Thank you i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

It didn’t ask me for any initial 10k deposit

Is it okay na? My information was fetched from existing idfc 25 mab account

Bunty, There shouldn’t be any issues. However, can you please share with us the screenshot of the app homepage we will confirm the same for you post a short review.

I’m not able to register upi

Didn’t use any outside app for upi

@Niyo_Mod, Please do not misguide new members…I had an existing IDFC account & I applied last month & I got the Niyo Account number generated instantly on the spot as I was using the same phone number & now I have two account numbers under the same IDFC customer ID & I can also check the Niyo card Transactions inside my IDFC app…As I already had my full KYC done for the existing IDFC account, the app didn’t even ask me to provide them & i got the card last month itself…I created the UPI account instantly using another bank’s UPI app as IDFC doesn’t provide any option to create/add/remove a VPA & by-default it’s just the phone number at the front of the UPI ID which doesn’t look good, so I created another IDFC UPI ID using another bank’s UPI app…Also I’m using the same IFSC code of my IDFC branch to deposit money to my Niyo account even though the IFSC code showing in my Niyo app is different but since I now have two account numbers under one IDFC customer ID, everything working flawlessly…

@buntynagda, You can use any of your other bank’s UPI app to get yourself an IDFC UPI ID…It’s all connected now so you don’t need to depend on the Niyo app itself…I created my IDFC UPI IDs in Axis, ICICI & DBS Bank’s inbuilt UPI apps & I use either of them all the time…

Yeah working fine :heart: just waiting for card delivery

How much days it takes?

After card shipment, it will take only 2-3 business days at the max as it will be shipped by Blue Dart…I contacted their Whatsapp support & they gave me the Blue Dart Tracking number even at 11 PM of the night…

It’s already been more than 10 days card haven’t been shipped yet and I didn’t requested

In idfc NetBanking it’s showing me to request physical card should i request card from here?

Hi, Yesterday I open account Niyo idfc, I already have account with idfc with 25k MAB, do I have to separately maintain 10k in Niyo IDfc as well?

@er.ashwani1983 Yes. MAB has to be maintained in each of the account as per the account type.

@goneo…thanks then I think I will have to close both the accounts as no use of blocking 35k in both the accounts

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