How to open a fd

please guide me how to open a fixed deposit

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Niyo, in particular, doesn’t provide an FD or RD facility, however, you can avail of FD or RD facility provided by Equitas Small Finance Bank through the Equitas Small Finance Bank Internet banking Portal

  1. Log in to Equitas internet banking EquitasConsumerApp
  2. On the home page, under ‘Account Dashboard,’ click on ‘Deposits’
  3. Click on the ‘+’ sign to open a Fixed or Recurring Deposit
  4. Select the ‘Deposit Type’ (Fixed Deposit or Recurring Deposit) as required.
  5. Select the ‘Product Type’ You will be shown the minimum & maximum tenure period and minimum & maximum amount as per the product type selected
  6. Select if you would like to add a nominee
  7. Click on ‘Proceed’

If you have queries related to FD or RD offerings provided by Equitas Small Finance Bank please call on 1800-103-1222 between 9 AM - 6 PM (on working days) or write an email to


Thanks! One clarification?
If I say YES to Nominee Required? it is asking for a Reference Employee code!

@LiberBliss It’s not mandatory to enter the Reference Employee code. You can skip and proceed to the next page and enter the details in the required fields.

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