How to enroll in CKYC

Someone ( in my family) has NiyoX Account but Never invested anywhere and hence he doesn’t have CKYC .


  1. If he use investment in NiyoX with 5 second video KYC , how much time will take to update/enroll CKYC data ?

  2. Can You Please tell some ways to update/enroll CKYC ?

  3. If user isn’t full KYC NiyoX Account will be any method to do Full KYC through CKYC?

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Hey @Roshan! Let me try to answer your questions here.

  1. Up on sharing the required details, it may take up to 2-3 business days to create an investment account. And to create a CKYC number, it may take up to 7-14 business days.

  2. Once you plan and start to invest in mutual funds by creating an investments account through the NiyoX app by going to Menu > Investments options, your CKYC number will be generated. In future, if you would like to update any of your personal details, you may share the relevant documents with our investments support team and they will help you to update your CKYC details.

  3. NiyoX KYC is different from investments KYC. While you open a NiyoX account through the app, your account will be under minimum KYC. To upgrade your savings account to a full KYC account, either you have to schedule an offline biometric KYC or can proceed with the video KYC. Registering/completing CKYC does not help in upgrading the NiyoX account to a full KYC one.