How to close NiyoX equitas savings account

I want to open the NiyoX account. As Equitas doesn’t have that many branches, everyone faces problem if they want to close the account.

Can closing NiyoX be done fully online? or Do we need to visit the branch to close it?

Are there any charges for the physical debit card?

Are there any charges like SMS charges that other banks charge?

Are there any charges for the ATM withdrawal in other bank ATM’s?

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@Aswathy_Nambiar @prathamnawal

NiyoX team, please answer above queries… Thanks


NiyoX team, how much interest rate one earn if the balance is below 1 Lakh?


Check this link…


Interest rate in niyox for amount below 1 lac is 3.5%


Thanks @goneo , that’s right! Below Rs 1 Lac, we’re providing an interest rate of 3.5%. @Tejeswar


You didn’t reply to my queries in this post.

Why does Niyo team evading the questions that I raised. Please answer all of my queries in this post. Thanks


Hey @Tejeswar, we regret for the delay in response. Thank you for your interest towards NiyoX. The Platinum Debit Card comes at an annual fees of ₹150 + GST. The current promotional offer is live till 30th June 2021, waives your 1st year’s annual fee. There are no other SMS charges. Also, here are the ATM withdrawal charges for other bank ATMs:

ATM withdrawals at metro locations (other Bank ATMs): 3 FREE per month
ATM withdrawals at non-metro locations (other Bank ATMs): 5 FREE per month
Charges beyond free limits of ATM withdrawals: ₹20 + taxes per transaction
Cash withdrawal outside India: ₹110 + taxes from 1st International ATM transaction
Balance Enquiry outside India: ₹25 + taxes from 1st International balance enquiry

You can also go through the Schedule Of Charges in the app FAQs too. Inside Support, go to Raise New ticket>My Account>Schedule of charges. Here is the link aswell:

And account closure facility is not available online. It can be done by visiting any nearest Equitas Small Finance bank. SR


Hey @raghavsyt, you will be earning 3.5% of interest p.a. on your first 1 lakh balance. On amounts above ₹1 lakh, you will be earning an interest of 7% p.a. Interest will be calculated based on your daily EOD balance and credited to your account on a quarterly basis. SR


Still you didn’t answered about how to close niyo eqitas account ? Can we do it fully online ?

If not then how ?

And also how to cancel current activated visa platinum debit card ?

Because i didn’t got any queries about debit card cancellation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @Tapas_Sahu

You can follow the below steps for closing your Niyo Equitas Savings . We recommend you transfer funds from your NiyoX account to any other personal account, before placing an account closing request.

  1. Log in to Equitas Small Finance Bank’s internet banking portal
  2. Under ‘Quick Links’ click on ‘Service Request’
  3. Click on ‘Assisted Services’ and choose ‘Account Closer Request’
  4. Select your ‘Account Number’ and ‘ID Proof’
  5. Upload the selected document copy in any of the given format .PDF, .JPG, .JPEG, .DOC, .DOCX
  6. Type-in the reason for ‘Account Closing’
  7. Click on ‘Proceed’

Post this, Equitas Small Finance Bank will get in touch with you for further confirmation on your account closing request.

Hope this helps!


Ok :ok_hand: great

But what about platinum debit card i mean How to close only physical debit card ? And if i am blocking my platinum debit card for some reason, do i still have to pay anual maintenance charges ?



If you have the debit card, its free for 1 year - pls enjoy :slight_smile: as we have promotional offer in which the debit card charges are waived off if issued before 30th June 2021. For the consecutive years, the card is ₹177/year (incl. GST)

You can deactivate anytime before next year’s fee is levied. And don’t worry, in all probability that fee would be anyway waived off based on some usage/account balance criteria which we will announce in next few months.



OMG I don’t think somebody else already asked about these things :upside_down_face:

And i am really happy and fully satisfied with your replies :100:.

THANKS A LOT, Thank you


I’m not satisfied Niyox saving account

Hi @Vipin5818 ,

This might help.

I cannot see the Quick Links under ‘Service Request’.

Account closure Video-assisted service link I received as SMS is also broken.
Shows error message: “Local tracks not created”

Need Help to close my account!

Best Regards

Hi @Noopur_Agarwal

It breaks our heart to see you go :pleading_face: Could we know the reason for account closure so that we can rectify the loop whole?


I am pissed off with the services. I tried for Full-KYC but couldn’t do it after multiple attempts because nobody bothers to come for KYC completion. Now I am trying to close the account, first request was rejected without even a
conversation. Haven’t succeeded in next attempt as well due to some never ending technical glitch at your end.

Don’t have patience and time to deal with this anymore. I feel I am stuck in this. Kindly help me in account closure. Hope you will address my concern without further ado.

Best Regards!

Hi @Noopur_Agarwal ,

Thank you for your patience in explaining the issue. We understand that this has been a bit of a bumpy ride for you.
Uh huh! :disappointed: It upsets us that we haven’t been able to fulfill your expectations. We’re worried that you’re disappointed with us and would request you to give us another chance?
Having said that Sometimes we make mistakes too but we’re always up for fixing them.