How to close Niyo IDFC account

I already have an IDFC First bank account with MAB 25000. I have opened the Niyo IDFC First Savings account on 1st September 2020. The account is opened without a hassle and it didn’t ask me to maintain MAB 10000. While opening the account it didn’t show me anything about MAB 10000 and I didn’t add Rs.10000 while opening the account. I have contacted customer care today and they said that I have to maintain MAB 10000. If you don’t maintain MAB then charges are around Rs.500. That’s a lot. You need to tell the customer everything about MAB before opening the account. Every customer opening an account can’t check every question in Niyo Community.

At the top of the page, it is showing Pending actions. Full KYC…
When I have contacted Customer Care they said that my account has Full KYC but No one came to verify Full KYC…

If there is this rule that I have to maintain Rs.10000 then Please let me know how to close my account. It’s better for me to take the IndusInd World debit card rather than using this Niyo IDFC first bank account.

Hey Tejeswar! Please note that if you want to proceed with the account closure, you can visit your nearest IDFC FIRST branch with your original ID proof or simply courier the filled out account closure form along with your self-attested ID proof to your nearest IDFC FIRST Bank branch.