How to choose card

I recently got converted to full kyc user.
How can I choose black card as I dont see any option to choose card design. I only see a message in card settings that I will receive card on or before 15th april.

Agree…Getting same old designs while some isers get Animated designs…

While placing the order for the card in the NiyoX app, you should get an option to select one out of the 2 card designs that are available for the users. Only after selection, the card order is placed. Please wait for the requested time to get the delivery of the card.

Please note that if you get the KYC upgraded from Equitas directly, then you will not get the option to select any card design and by default, you will get a black card delivered at your doorstep. LK

Hello @Lucky I did the KYC upgrade from NiyoX and yesterday it got upgraded to Full KYC account, but I do not see any option to choose card in the app. I tried to open card settings and then swipe to the physical card section but that was showing only activate card button with a message that I will receive card before 15th April that’s it.

I contacted the live chat support from NiyoX they told me to wait 2 days and there should be an option to order card or something. I have no clue what is happening.

Hey @Deep_Saha! We’ve tried reaching out to you on your registered mobile number to help you with your concern Unfortunately, the calls went unanswered. Kindly DM us when we can connect you.


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