How to change your communication address?

I have written incorrect communication address while opening my niyo x account. What should I do to change it so that my account full kyc can be done. Please answer asap.

Hi Ankit, unfortunately change of communication address before full KYC is not possible on the mobile app. You will have to visit the nearest Equitas bank branch or have someone from bank visit you, request you to call - 1800 103 1222 and get it checked. Regards


Thanks Sir, now i have changed my communication address from Equitas Bank app successfully. Now please guide me how to change the address for full kyc visit as visit is already scheduled and there is no option to cancel current scheduled visit and create new with updated address. Because on scheduled date, visit will be made at my old address. So my full kyc procedure will be interrupted. Thanks in advance.

Hi Ankit,

Please share your number, I will have someone from my service team work with you and take this to closure.


Hi sir I am change my communication address

Hey there! Welcome to the Niyo Community! You can now change your communication address online by visiting the Equitas bank internet banking portal. All you need to do is log in to Equitas net banking page EquitasConsumerApp and register yourself as a new user.

  1. Log in to Equitas internet banking
  2. On the home page, click on ‘Service Request’ and then choose ‘DIY Services’
  3. Click on ‘Change of communication address’
  4. Select the option to change the correspondence address
  5. Select identification requirements i.e. either Aadhaar or VID
  6. Enter the OTP sent to your aadhaar registered phone number
  7. Choose YES if you want your communication address to be the same as your aadhaar, else, choose NO

Please be informed that the new communication address will take 3 days to get updated, this service only allows a customer to change the communication address online. To change the permanent address one has to visit the nearest Equitas Small Finance Bank. LK


Sir actually at the time of creation of my account i given my permanent residence address which mentioned in my adharcard but now iam staying at Other place farfrom my residence addres so how could i do kyc please help me as there is in app for kyc schedule its showing my my location where agent will come to my residence address so please give me a solution as now i can’t reach to my residence so give so other solution to troubleshoot my problem and able to do kyc as soon as possible

Hey Bhagirath! Welcome to Niyo Community! Kindly update the communication address as suggested in the solution above and you will be able to complete the Biometric verification of your account at the updated address without any issue. LK

Sir as after successfully completion of address change its showing it you request for addres changed lodged successfully kindly wait for upgrade so can i now able to scheduled a kyc visit in niyox mobile application for kyc completion as if we not done kyc we can’t able to apply for your premium debit card within 5of may as its the last day for to avail offer so what i have to do now for getting avail benefits of your niyox premium debitcard to order at my location help me out

Hey Bhagirath! Please be informed that the new communication address will take 3 days to get updated. Also, the offer period is extended till 30th June, so you need not worry at all. You should be well within time to avail the benefit. LK

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But there it was showing availthe benefits before 5may? Is getting premium card validity is extended till 30th june? If thats so it will be amazing sir i will wait for 3day early to schedule my kyc asap and avail morsecard facility :blush:thank you so much

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Yes, it is! Thank you for your patience. LK

Sir today i got message that my service request has been closed please contact our customer support or branch but when iam goin to niyox app in kyc schedule page its showing me my permanent address why not i able to see my communication adress or why not there is any other option to choose your communication or permanent addres for kyc schedule? :pray:Want a customer support call on my number for detail clarification please sir 8249100746

Hi There,

I have updated my communication address in Equitas on 3rd may 2021 ( Service Request number2105010302603765 ) , and its has been closed successfully .
But i see in NiyoX app the Communication Address is still showing as old One.
Its been 3 days so i am connecting in Community if i can get some help .
could you please confirm if its an error in Niyox App or should i check with Equitas because equitas internet banking its showing correct address.

Hey @bhagirath, we tried reaching you on your registered number but could not connect. We will try to reach you again tomorrow. We see that your communication address and the permanent address are same as per our database. Please inbox us your new/ updated address so that we can request the team to proceed with your biometric verification. SR

Sir give me sending address where i will inbox you my updated communication address :pray:

Hi @Subu @Aswathy_Nambiar ,

Could you please review my request here.
i can see my Bank statement shows the updated communicated address via equitas netbanking , but niyoX app is showing the old address when i try to do full KYC.
is it ok to visit nearest equitas bank for doing full KYC before requesting the Debit Card.

I am having no privilege to send PM message. may i know if i can post my customer id here.

Hi @Bansari @Lucky ,
could anyone look into my query above.
I have even tried requesting via google form but no response yet.
it will be very helpfull if you can respond to my query abouve.

Hi Akhil,

Thanks for your time over the call. We are getting it checked from our end.


Sir already i updated my adress in equitas bank sites since 5 days ago but still its not showing in my niyox app how could i able to scheduled a kyc with my new uodated communication adress please help me @Lucky @Subu sir requesting a call back from your customer support atleast