How to change my name?

Hi, I created the account recently. In my account, my name is written as MUNAGALA RAM but it should be SIVARAM MUNAGALA. Can you please help me to change it as soon as possible?

Hello @Munagala_Sivaram ! Please be informed that, the name was captured as per NSDL. As per PAN name updated in your account shows as “MUNAGALA SIVA RAM”. As Niyo Global By SBM is a 100% digital account. We do not have the facility to manually update your name on our records.

Hi, Just today my name got changed in my adhaar card as Sivaram Munagala. It will take some time to change my name in my pancard. So, is it possible to change my name now? or even after my name changes in pancard?

Hello @Munagala_Sivaram ! Once the name is updated in Aadhaar and PAN.Post that, you must fill out the name correction form and we will forward it to the Bank. Kindly reach out to our live chat support team through the Niyo SBM app for further assistance. -WB