How to change Bank branch

Due to some limited sight I selected wrong branch while opening my Equitas bank account through Niyox app, can anyone please let me know if I can change my bank branch (Sagar-> Bhopal) without visiting Sagar branch office?
Maybe through email or some online services. :grimacing:

Hi @satyambh ,

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As it’s an automated process, we have allocated the branch basis your communication address pin code, all the services will be available to you on your NiyoX app.


Yes I understood how Sagar branch was allotted to me, but now I’ve changed my communication address from Equitas netbanking itself.
If due to some reason I want to close my account I will have to visit Sagar branch (which is very difficult for me), since there is no option to close account from Niyox app itself. That’s why I wish to transfer my branch, and from convenience POV it’s beneficial to have bank branch nearest to home

Hey @satyambh we understand your concern. In case, if you wish to close your account in the future, you may visit any nearest Equitas Small Finance Bank, or even you can do that through internet banking too. You may visit to any nearest Equitas Small Finance Branch to know more about it.

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