How to cancel delivery of physical debit card

I have contacted customer support and they told me that after activating physical card… Digital card will be blocked… And the only way to use physical card services is to permanently block it… Thus i would prefer digital card for lifetime…it would be a great help if someone would address it.

Hi @Nishkam_Varshney,

(1/2) Digital card is valid till one year OR till the completion of your biometric KYC verification
Please note virtual card displayed in app before KYC is on temporary basis
(2/2) Once your KYC is done according to the process, physical card gets delivered to you
However please stay noted that once you block your physical card, all the channels would be blocked.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Bansari
After blocking my debit card, All the channels would be blocked means that i won’t be able to do any transaction with my card… But able to do online transactions, upi transfers etc and can access my account… Right???
1/3- if i rarely use my debit card then i have to pay debit card charges after 1 year and to avoid it there is no other way than blocking my debit card… Right??

2/3 - is there any way to increase virtual card validity as i am not interested in physical card and i rarely do transactions through it as all the transactions are nowadays online.

3/3 - if i activate my physical card then i won’t be able to access my virtual card?? And blocking debit card means blocking both types of card together?

Please respond… As i am very confused regarding this

Hey @Nishkam_Varshney ! Hope you’re having a great day. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you block your debit card, you’ll not be able to perform any card related transactions, i.e, offline POS and online card related transactions, however you’ll still be able access your NiyoX account and perform UPI transactions and Fund transfers. Stay noted that you’ll be unable change UPI Pin without a debit card.

(1/3) Even though you rarely use your debit card, you’ll be charged annual fee of Rs. 177/year (incl. GST). Stay noted that the debit card fee is waived off for the first year for the users who are issuing the card before 31st March 2022. However, we’re working on a criteria to waive-off annual charges for some users.

(2/3) Currently, there is no way to use only virtual debit card. However it is in our pipeline, stay tuned for some exciting features coming up in the future.

(3/3) After you activate your physical card, your virtual card will be de-activated automatically and you’ll be unable to use the same.

Hope this helps. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out again!


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Thanks a lot @ashrithjain for solving my queries and clearing my doubts

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