How to become kyc agent

How to become a kyc agent for other people and I have a shop in my area. So tell me how to become kyc agent.

Hey @mdtanzeb! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Thanks for showing your interest. Currently, we may not be able to help you with this. We’ve launched the video KYC facility for NiyoX where the users can complete the KYC online at their convenience and comfort.


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Sir my Account blocked after that i requested KYC visit Agent Person But agent not visit On my Place

Hey @Parm_Surya! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We kindly request you schedule the biometric KYC visit through the NiyoX app by clicking on the Pending Actions drop-down in your app. Rest assured, our team will reach out to you and help you with the KYC.


Ok sir I have send my acount blocked pick

@Parm_Surya as we checked, your NiyoX account is active. Can you please try transferring the funds through the NiyoX app by adding a Payee?

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