How long will it take to activate the account?

It’s been around 7 days since I applied for the account, but it is still not processed. When launching the app, it only says “Processing your wealth account, check back in 5-7 business days”.

Can the process please be completed sooner, as I have a flight to catch in around 5 days and thus the card will be a necessary travel requirement during traveling abroad?

Hey @Sanjiban_Sengupta! Welcome to Niyo Community!

A few of our users are facing this issue during the onboarding procedure. Our team is working round the clock to have this fixed. The issue might get fixed by the end of this month and we kindly request you to wait until then.


As I said, I have a flight to catch in 5 days, so please try to finish the activation and deliver the card by then, otherwise it won’t be of any use to me.
Please, this is a kind request to finish off the process as soon as possible, the card will be a necessary travel requirment for me.

Hey @Sanjiban_Sengupta! We understand your urgency. Wish we could have helped you here. The estimated timeline to fix the issue is the end of this month. Once the issue is fixed, your account will be created and then you will be able to request a new debit card. The card delivery may take up to 7-10 days. As your travel date is approaching, we may not be able to help you within this short period and we are sorry about that.


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