How do I verify if my KYC is complete? (Also, you guys are doing a fantastic job)

First, the other day someone came by and took my fingerprint. I then received an SMS about a product code change with a service request number. Is there any place I should go to track the status?

That said, I think your team is doing an absolutely fantastic job. After opening the IDFC account, I had to travel out of Bangalore and my travel ended up being longer than I originally expected. The folks from your team repeatedly kept calling me to find out when they could get my biometrics. Every time I told them what my expected arrival date to Bangalore was, they would call me right the next day and ask again, and when my trip kept getting postponed they understood and kept following up. Eventually I reached Bangalore, and on the same evening I had someone come to take my biometric.

I was worried my trip outside Bangalore would somehow drop me off your radar and I would have to call someone to get the process going again but that didn’t happen. Great job !


Hi @harisundara.rajan,

That SMS confirms your biometric was successfully captured.

Same time you can check that there is no more pending action lists in the top left of the Niyo App.

Hope this helps!


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