How do I change address w/o visiting branch?

How do I change address w/o visiting branch?

Please courier the relevant form and supporting signed docs to the nearest branch.


Hey there! Welcome to the Niyo Community! As of now, there is no other option but to visit the branch physically and get the details updated. ∞LK

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Hello I am shifting my house in a week
how to change my communication address in niyo

Hi @Chiron

If your account has already been created, please visit
your nearest IDFC FIRST Bank branch to change your
communication address.

When you visit IDFC FIRST Bank to change your address,
you will need to take a signed form with you. All you need to do is print it out and fill in the required details, sign it, and take it with you alongwith copy of our KYC documents (Aadhar Card and Pan Card).

Visiting an IDFC FIRST Bank branch is the ONLY way to
change your communication address as of now.

Hi. I recently visited an IDFC branch to have my communication address updated, and here is where the issue gets complicated. I faced two challenges…

  1. The bank does not recognise a rent agreement as a valid address proof, so I had to provide them with an Aadhaar card, passport, driving licence, voter id card or other similar documents. For this reason I was compelled to update my communication address as my permanent address which is mentioned in my Aadhaar card.
  2. Once I submitted the address proof, the bank asked me to sign the form. But alas, Niyo did not collect any signature during onboarding. They only collected our biometrics and forwarded it to IDFC for a full kyc. Now, I had to submit a copy of my PAN card and have my signature updated with IDFC (I’m guessing probably that’s why we don’t have IDFC cheque books!). Following my signature update in the bank’s database, they’ll process my address update.
    @admins and product managers, any plans of having a user friendly way of getting our current addresses updated on self declaration basis on the app itself without the hassle of having it changed on government issued identity cards?

Hi, @justinjudefrancis Thanks for highlighting this issue, and apologies for the inconvenience you’ve had to face to get your communication address changed. While at the moment there’s no other alternative to the process I had mentioned above that is active but we are moving towards making the complete process of changing mobile/email and address changed in a hassle free way. We will announce it in the community itself once the new process is agreed by the bank and implemented for all of you. Stay tuned for the updates. Thanks


Thanks a tonne for the update @prathamnawal … overall I’m pretty happy with the product and great customer service and responsiveness. Keep up the good work.


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Hey Niyo Team,

We would like to have an option to update the address. As we know there are two types of address permanent and communication address.
Things to consider for these two types of address.

  1. Permanent Address: Can be update by uploading a valid address proof (voterId, DL, aadhar etc).
  2. Communication Address: Can be updated by uploading rent-agrement, office letter etc.

As we know communication address keeps changing as we stays in rented house for job. So with communication address update option it will very helpful for us.

And being a total digital app these features are must.
Hope these feature will be considered in the near future releases.

Vote this up for wider reach.


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Hi… I faced a similar issue recently and have already tagged @prathamnaval for visibility. They should be initiating talks with IDFC to iron out the address update issue soon. Expecting a fix in the near future :slight_smile:

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Much needed update. Will be waiting for the same.
It will be helpful for many of us.

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