How different is Niyo Money as compared to investment option provided on NiyoX?

@Lucky @Apoorv_Mittal @Aswathy_Nambiar How different is this product in comparison to investment feature provided inside NiyoX? Will NiyoX would implement the Stock and Etf inside app in future or is it exclusive to Niyo Money only? If I’ve account on NiyoX, still can i open one account on Niyo Money. Please let me know. Thanks

Hi Gokul,

All features of Niyo Money would be available on NiyoX. Stocks & ETF would also be available in due time. There would be no difference in wealth products on the two apps.

The Niyo Money account remain same so all your information and portfolio can be accessed on both apps. :slight_smile:



Wow thanks @Vinay_Bagri . Just now I logged in to Niyo Money using my NiyoX details and it signed in. That’s great. I was in confusion that both apps require different registration. Thanks a lot for clearing out. Have a :+1: great day.

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Thanks for being part of our journey. Best Regards