How can you open a NiyoX account? Is it FREE?

Opening a NiyoX account is super simple! All you need to do is visit the iOS Appstore or the Google Playstore and download the NiyoX app. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can start the onboarding process right away!

Best part? Setting up a NiyoX account is absolutely free!

Download from iOS here: ‎NiyoX - Digital SA by Equitas on the App Store

Download from Google Playstore here:


This Niyo Equitas will not have non MAB charges right ?

as per

#Min balance INR 10,000, no charges for non-maintenance

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Currently there isn’t any charges for non maintenance of AMB but they might charge in the coming future as they did for Niyo Global and almost for Niyo IDFC as well.
Also you will be charged annually for debit card in NiyoX though 1st year charge is waived off if you complete your biometric before 31st May.

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That will be for new customers or for existing customers as well ?

Also if I do not want physical debit card even than there will be charges ?

It will be same for all with the only diff that 1st year debit card is waived off if one joins before 31st May.
Virtual card is visa classic where as physical card is visa platinum so transaction limits will be different as per the type of card and I am not sure if there is an option opt out of physical card.


Can’t expect any assurance from Niyo regarding their product / Offer. I’m a Niyo IDFC Customer and they didn’t keep their promises. After all they abandoned the Niyo IDFC without any intimation to customers. Their Niyo IDFC App is dead since November 2020 and whenever we ask regarding it they were telling that it is undergoing for a usual maintenance and will be functioning soon, Which was a big time lie. Now they are telling use IDFC First App. No transparency to their customers. Anything can happen at anytime. Highly unreliable firm.

NB:- I’m still wondering currently I’m a Niyo IDFC Customer or not.

Hey @goneo, the promotional offer has been extended to 30th June. So, customers onboarding before that will be waived off their first year’s annual fee. SR